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synopsisCandy injects the “fun” in her dysfunctional life. When your brother is found by a neighbor naked and drunk, you’re stuck with a caveman of a boyfriend, you have a dickhead boss, and the madness of everyday life competes with your mother’s need to appear “normal,” you have to peek between the cracks to find the warm rays of hope. But, maybe normalcy is just a construct for other people. And, maybe breaking out of the institution is more important than fitting in. After years of trying to save those she loves, it's time for Candy to save herself.


directors statementCREEDMORIA is my feature film directorial debut. It’s loosely based on my life, growing up in Queens, New York, during the 1980s, right outside the gates of the Creedmoor psychiatric center. It was a time ripe with teenage tension. Hot rods blasted Heavy Metal. New Wave was pushing out Classic Rock. Parents didn’t know where their kids were, or were too drunk to care. It was an eat-or-be-eaten time and High School was a place to survive.

I set out to create a movie that would resonate with people who grew up during that time and also, teens of today—many of whom face the same, if not worse, social challenges. This film is indie to the core. Many of the scenes were shot wide and in one take. A lot of attention went in to framing the shots so that the person with the most control is always front and center. I wanted to make an indie film with a lot of heart and a big Hollywood ending, where the girl runs away with the guy—only the guy is her gay younger brother.

--Alicia Slimmer

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